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Over the years of Hapkido Canberra, like all martial arts clubs, we have enjoyed good times and bad times, times of growth and times of change. Sometimes the Blog has suffered with minimal updates and we haven't placed all of the photos and memories from events.

Here is a sample of our history, updates and information about Hapkido Canberra, Hapkido the martial art and Self Defence.

Latest Blog Items

April Seminars Newsletter

2014 has kicked off and it's nearly May, so it's time to start the Seminar season to keep us all warm during Canberra's winter months. Term 2 Kicks off today with all the normal Women's Self Defence, Adults, Family and Tiger classes all back in full swing. Coming up over the next 6 months we have a selection of Self Defence, Sparring, Ground-Flow and other Seminars happening here at Hapkido Canberra. To get the year started here are the first few. Seminars with 6th Dan Hapkido Master Hapkido Fitness Bootcamp (Something Different) Women's Self Defence Courses Our first Seminar is less than 3 weeks away, so book your spots early and don't miss out.

April 2014 Newsletter

Amazing how the year has flown by, here we are in April and Easter and Anzac Day make for 2 very short weeks ahead all coinciding with School Holidays here in the nation's Capital. In this Month's Hapkido Newsletter: Tigers Term 2 Registrations Open - Classes Filling Fast (2 of 5 Booked Out). April School Holiday Calendar - Seminars with Master Uebergang - Registrations Open. Our next Women's Self Defence Courses & Hapkido Birthday Parties

24 May 2014 - Seminar with Master Angus

Master Angus Uebergang will be holding a Self Defence and Sparring techniques Seminar on Saturday 24th May 2014 at Hapkido Canberra.

Balancing Work, Family Life and Hapkido

On occasion, people ask me how I manage teaching so many classes and work it all in with my duties as a parent and husband and my full-time work. Here are my thoughts...

Hapkido Beginners Check-List

Our Instructors

2014 Tigers Term 2 Registrations Open

We offer 3 Tiger Classes - Tiny Tigers (3-4yrs, Little Tigers (4-7yrs) and Big Tigers (7-10yrs) - Registrations are now open for Term 2 2014 for our 7 classes each week for these age groups. Register today or call SaBomNim Tom on 0414 798 723 to discuss.

March 2014 Newsletter

Autumn Training @ Hapkido Canberra As we see the temperature start to return to nicer training conditions we have a lot to be excited about: Term 1 Part 2 kicks off for the Tigers, The Global Hapkido Association has launched, 3 Full weeks of training until the next Grading, Women's Only Hapkido Classes We look forward to seeing you all at the Dojang at the next class.

Hapkido Seminar with 6th Dan Master Angus

An amazing day was had with 6th Dan Hapkido Master Angus Uebergang, over 5 hours of Seminars in 1 day.

Grading November 2013 Photos

Photos of the November 2013 Black Belt Grading at Hapkido Canberra's old Dojang. Another Day to remember at the Dojang.
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