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Mat Chat - March 2015

Posted on March 1, 2015

Mat Chat - March 15 | Hapkido Canberra
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Mat Chat
Latest News from the Dojang
By SaBomNim Tom
You know things are ramping up when you're sending the Monthly newsletter 3 weeks late, but hopefully for a good reason as there is lots of information to share. I'll try to keep it brief - don't hesitate to reply if you have any questions or want more information.
Term 2 - Tigers Registrations

TIGER PARENTS!! Tonight we'll be sending out Registration emails to the Tiger Parents for Term 2.  You'll notice we've added an extra Big Tiger/Women's class on a Tuesday night - this is a special class just for kids 7+, their Mums and Women who want to train.

April 25 - Melbourne - Grading & Seminar
On Saturday 25th April we'll be holding the 1st Official GHA Grading & Seminar at Strive Hapkido (Dojang) in Melbourne. I've organised Accommodation for about $60 per person per night - please let me know ASAP if you'll be joining us and if you need transport and accommodation. Joint the Facebook Event!!!
Kids Kumdo (Sword Classes)
Starting Wednesday Night 1st week of Term 2 we'll be starting a new Sword class for kids aged 8-14yrs. Don't worry parents they'll be working with foam swords for a while to begin with. If you're interested please let me know via reply to this email. More information will be in the April Newsletter out during the School Holidays.
Women's Self Defence Course Dates
We've had to change the dates for a few courses and will be sending out a separate email tonight. If you don't hear anything please let me know and I'll forward you the details.
Easter Dates
We're holding a special pair of Adult classes during Easter for anyone who is interested:

It will be a great time for everyone who will be grading in Melbourne, or in Canberra in the weeks after the Melbourne trip, to get some extra time on the mats when we're all rested from the weekend.


Click on the links above to Joint the facebook event.

Thank you to everyone for making Term 1 2015 the busiest time the Dojang has ever seen. Without your continued support the Dojang wouldn't be the same.
Don't hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions on the above information - we'll be happy to reply with any info you need.
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