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We encourage feedback from all of our current students and love people to share their stories.

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Paul's Family Hapkido

"Tom is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable and very friendly. He is particularly good with children, so that while the classes are structured, he also makes them fun for kids, so they are often learning, even while they are laughing.

SaBomNim Tom (Chief Instructor)

"I know that it may be tacky to write a review for yourself, but I write this review for my students. Each week I get to attend a gathering of like minded people who genuinely enjoy training and getting to know each other.

The Johnston's

Testimonial - Hapkido Canberra I enrolled my 3 Year old daughter and myself in 2013 into Hapkido Canberra, as I was looking for a martial art that was suitable for children of my daughters age, as well as provided the same values as we teach at home. We certainly got that out of Hapkido Canberra.

Adam "Kloppers" Kloppenburg

Student Testimonial from Kloppers.

Abbey "Xena" Lawson

My daughter began classes at Hapkido Canberra shortly after her fifth birthday and has been training at the dojang for 18 months.

The McMahons

We decided to start Zac in martial arts so he could learn to defend himself if needed. He was really into superheroes and was interested in learning how to "fight".

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